The Marbach Stipend

In 1995 the Norbert Elias Foundation and the DLA awarded the first ‘Marbach Stipend’ to enable academics or postgraduate students to undertake research on the papers of Norbert Elias. Recipients have been:
1995 Lutz Rosemann, for research on the genesis of Über die Zeit’.
1997 David Rotman of the Université de Paris X – Nanterre, for what might be called a ‘network’ study to elucidate the least well-known periods of Elias’s life, from his exile to Paris in 1933 until his appointment to the Department of Sociology at Leicester in 1954.
2005 Vera Weiler for a study of the typescripts on Lévy-Bruhl.
2005 Anca Parvalescu for research on the unpublished ‘Essay on Laughter’.
2007 Marc Joly for research on Elias’s manuscripts concerning Freud.
2009 Angela Holzer, for work on Elias’s intellectual relationship to Nietzsche.
Researchers are welcome to write to the Secretary of the Foundation indicating their interest in working in Marbach, but the Stipend is available only from time to time when funds become available. Whenever that is the case, applications will be invited by a notice posted on the News section of the homepage of this website.