The Norbert Elias Essay Prize

It had been the express wish of Norbert Elias that the Foundation to which he entrusted his legacy set up a prize to encourage and reward young scholars for excellent work in sociology and related fields. In 1999 the Norbert Elias Prize was awarded for the first time. It has been awarded biennially for an outstanding first book published in the preceding two calendar years. In previous years, the Prize was reserved for European authors. In 2007, the Board of the Elias Foundation decided to open the prize to authors from other continents. From 2014, the prize will now be awarded for essays.
Award winning books:
1999 David Lepoutre, Cœur de banlieue: codes, rites et langages. (Paris: Odile Jacob,1997). ISBN 2-7381-0455-X. – an ethnographic fieldwork study of young adolescent boys in one of the large poor Parisian suburbs (see Figurations 14).
2001 Wilbert Van Vree, Meetings, Manners and Civilization: The Development of Modern Meeting Behaviour. (London: Leicester University Press [an imprint of Continuum International Publishing Group] 1999). ISBN 0-7185-0123-3 – a sociological study of the development of meeting behaviour from a long-term perspective (see Figurations 15).
2003 Nikola Tietze, Islamische Identitäten: Formen muslimishcer Religiosität junger Männer in Deutschland und Frankreich (Hamburg: Hamburger Edition, 2001). ISBN 3-930908-68-9 – a comparative study of the forms of religiosity that have emerged among young Muslim men and the part that they have played in the formation of their sense of identity within German and French society.
2005 Jason Hughes, Learning to Smoke: Tobacco Use in the West (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2003) ISBN 0-226-35910-7 – a study of the diverse sociological and cultural processes that have compelled people to smoke.

2007 Georgi Derlugian, Bourdieu’s Secret Admirer in the Caucasus: A World-System Biography (Chicago: University of Chicago press, 2005).

2009 Elizabeth Bernstein, Temporarily Yours: Intimacy, Authenticity, and the Commerce of Sex (University of Chicago Press, 2007).
2011 Brett Bowden, The Empire of Civilization: The Evolution of an Imperial Idea (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2009).


University of Chester Norbert Elias Prize

In 2007, with the support of the Norbert Elias Foundation, the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Chester instituted an annual prize for the best thesis submitted for the MSc in the Sociology of Sport and Exercise (of which Andy Smith is Programme Leader). The first winner in 2007 was Steven Cock, who wrote an outstanding thesis on ‘Swimming and Bathing in the Civilising Process’. In 2008 there was no award, but in 2009 the prize was won by Anthony Maher for his dissertation on ‘The Inclusion of Pupils with Special Educational Needs: A Study of the Formulation and Implementation of the National Curriculum Physical Education’.

Norbert Elias Memorial Artist's Award

In commemoration of Norbert Elias’s stay in Ghana and his fondness of African art a Norbert Elias Memorial Artists’ Prize was established in 2004, as an award to young Ghanaian artists. The Prize was administered on the Foundation’s behalf by the Goethe Institute in Ghana, which organised publicity and exhibitions of the recipients of the Prize, while prize winners worked at the ArtHAUS, founded by the Ghanaian artist Kofi Setordji. In 2004 the first Prize was awarded to Joshua Edem Kofi Nyatefe. The second Prize was awarded in 2005 to Ray Claver Agbo, while Bernard Akoi-Jackson was its third recipient in 2006. This prize is currently in abeyance, but may be revived in due course.